Thursday, October 9, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:ISC East Convention 2008

It is time for the ISC EAST convention in New York City. The company will be attending to see all the new security products. As a security consultant company, we like to see all the new security items that are being offered and that can help the company design security systems that can help safeguard the home and business. ISC EAST is one of the biggest security conventions in the city and a great place to network and communicate with sales people from all the big supply companies from around the world. Send us your comments on how you feel about the ISC EAST Convention.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Harris Security Consultant inc:Hotel Security

Unfortunately, many travelers succumb to what Harris security consultant calls the "Disneyland effect," behaving as if they've left the real world—and real danger—behind. His advice, in good times and bad: "Don't drop your guard or assume that a hotel or motel is going to provide the level of security you think it should."

Harris security consultant advises travelers to thoroughly check out a hotel before checking in and to avoid properties right off interstate highways; they are highly visible targets, easily accessible to criminals. Nor should you assume that properties belonging to a national chain are safer, as franchises don't necessarily have to follow corporate security standards.

Harris security consultant adds that motels with interior hallways are generally safer than those with doorways opening on to parking lots and that doors should have both dead bolts and peepholes. If a motel is shabby or the staff seem in- attentive, move on.

Security experts differ over the effectiveness of high-tech devices like surveillance cameras in stairwell landings and other locations. "Guests see them and say 'I'll be safe here.' But if the cameras are not monitored 24 hours a day, you've got a problem on your hands."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Harris Security Consultant inc:Security and Law Enforcement Conventions

Myself and the company's President of Operations attended the Police Security Expo 2008. Here are her thoughts on the convention.

I attended the Police Security Expo 2008 in Atlantic City at the Convention Center on June 24. I had no expectations about the convention because this was something new that I never attended or been a part of. My impression afterward was that of not being impressed. There were a lot of gun displays, police car displays, mobile unit displays, uniform displays and island trip displays which I thought at first was out of place but then figured what does an overworked law enforcement agent want but a vacation on a tropical island or a cruise to get away. I found the convention geared more toward law enforcement (cops, agents) than to security. I don't know what I expected to see but what I saw gave minimal interest. I did try to see if there were any products that we could market ourselves. My only thought was to add another component to the Harris Security empire which deals with law enforcement products (handcuffs, badges, uniforms, guns, etc).

I also noticed not many people of color there. In fact very few. Including us there were approximately 3 persons of color I saw. One was a rep, the other 2 had convention security outfits on. I did see what looked like military personnel outside the convention maybe about 5 or 6. That was all.

I think the word "security" is thrown into convention and expo titles just to seem that it is all inclusive. However my impression is that it is not. There are many facets to security and security consulting just like there are many facets to police work. They work hand in hand but somehow there is a very obvious division between the two. What are some of the tools of security? One tool is the devices needed to aid in monitoring and protecting such as cameras, dvrs, monitoring and recording systems, to name a few. Where were there representation? There was one display for a dvr monitoring system but that was it. These expos shouldn't be all about cops. They should be about all those who work tirelessly and effortless to protect our beings, property, family, and who are here to give the average person the sense of being safe. The police are not the only ones who do this. These expos need recognize both sides and represent accordingly.

And those are my thoughts and impressions on the Police Security Expo 2008.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Here is a network solution for homes

The TV-IP200 Internet Camera Server is the perfect device for remote monitoring and transmitting real-time event over the Internet. With the reliability and scalability of Fast Ethernet, the TV-IP200 functions as a video/surveillance camera allowing you to view live events with your Web Browser via Internet or Intranet. This Internet Camera Server has VGA quality Streaming Video, Automatic Snapshot, Event Notification via e-mail, and Auxiliary Input/Output Connectors, making it the ideal solution for Internet video broadcasting applications

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Bidding for a Contract

I run a security product company and a security consultant company too. I want to sell security equipment to the government, city and state. So before you can sell the product you are asked to bid for it first. You are asked to read a bid contract that maybe 50 pages long just to see one item. The people that make up the contract are people in the purchasing department. How much security experience do they have? Do they really know what they are asking for? After you read the contract you see that the product that they are asking for comes from the trade magazines and the big name companies like Sony and Bosch and if you are selling a new line of product you are out. I think if the purchasing department hires a security consultant company to help makeup the bid contract it would help and make the bid contract 50 pages less is a good thing. One more thing, it is hard for the new company to bid on a contract if it is their first time bidding. The government, city and state are supposed to help the little guy. If you are starting a new business you are out of the bidding because you don't have the experience. But how can you get the experience if they won't give the "new kid on the block" a chance. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Loss Prevention

I like talking Loss Prevention because it is good for the people that run stores, like the guy on the corner to the big chain store. Shoplifting can ruin a store of business because the loss is so high. When I was working in the field as a security officer I arrested some people for shoplifting. He or she said it is a cat and mouse game, if he or she wins, the shoplifter made money from the items he or she removed from the store and the store is out of the money. So to stop the shoplifter you add security equipment to the store like security cameras and security tabs to items to stop the shoplifter. Yes it works for some time because the people that run the store place security equipment in places that fail to protect the store. If the store owner hired a security consultant, he or she can help to design a system that can help to protect store. I say this because the people that run the store fail to go for security training in Loss Prevention and how to protect the store. One more thing, shoplifting is a big business for the freelance shoplifter and the group of shoplifters that hit the store.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Video Camera Specs

One of the most basic specifications of CCTV systems is the format of the camera and lenses. 1/4" and 1/3" cameras are by far the most popular for security work – and they should do the job for you, too. Make sure the lenses you get match the format of the camera.
Another important spec is resolution. Ask for measurements of horizontal TV lines, or TVL. 300 is low-end, 400 is good for security work, 500 is very high quality. If you're going to want to see detail, upgrading to a higher resolution is a good choice.
Do make sure that all of your equipment can handle the resolution your cameras put out, though: it's no good having a 500 TVL camera if your monitor only displays 400.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:CCTV Lenses

Most video surveillance cameras are installed in one location permanently. For this case, fixed-focus lenses are the most cost-effective. If you want to be able to move your camera, variable focus lenses are adjustable, letting you change your field of view when you reposition the camera.
If you want to be able to move the camera remotely, you'll need a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera. They can cost 10 times as much as a standard fixed camera, though, so make sure you really need one before spending the money.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Recording Devices

Digital video recorders (DVRs) have replaced VCRs as the workhorses of the video surveillance industry. While they are still somewhat more expensive than VCRs, their advantages are immense.
One of the most significant is their ability to adjust to what they see: if they're recording a static image, such as the inside of a warehouse at night, they may only record 1 frame every 5 or 10 seconds. But when they detect movement, they can instantly switch to full video to capture any suspicious activity.
Because they record to hard drives, you can instantly watch any specific time – no lengthy fast-forwarding and searching for the right moment. They also let you jump to 'events' – situations where the picture changed. And don't overlook the fact that they don't have tapes: you won't have to worry about storage or tapes deteriorating.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harris Security consultant Inc: exterior security camera for your home

You should also monitor security outside your house. If you are living in an independent house, this becomes more important. Many neighborhoods even in a metropolis like New York and Los Angeles face violence problem. Hence, you should be monitoring at least few feet on all the sides of your house. Security cameras are usually susceptible to rain, snow, high winds. But with the right installation and little maintenance, you can install a highly effective camera system around the house. Many weatherproof cameras are now available in market. Infrared cameras with audio capability provide a sound protection cover. Most cameras these days can be remote controlled.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:how do security cameras work ?

Security cameras are based on the simple fundamental of monitoring the possible locations of danger and optionally, recording it. The video cameras shoot everything like any normal camera and same can be seen real time. Either you can employ someone to watch the recordings or yourself watch it later to detect any suspicious activity around or inside your home. You can also record audio in the covered area.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:How I Feel about College Security

I am posted on how i feel on my company blog, on campus security because at one time I worked for a college as a security officer for some time and saw how security failed for the college. Outdated systems and no security officers walking around checking the buildings of the campus or asking for IDs. I think if the school upgraded their systems and trained the security officers the campus would become more safe. By adding new surveillance systems, more on-site training and more hands-on by supervisors can help the college. The college places security at the bottom of the food chain. If the college placed the security department at the top of the food chain it can work well at keeping the college safe.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:campus security

As a security Consultant Company i think security on college campuses is failing because the security campuses surveillance are old and out dated and people can walk on campuses and go from building to building and no one stops them. More security campuses. Security officers drive around the campus. If more security officers walked the campuses they can see more. If campuses security added more surveillance systems and issue ID cards to all the students it can stop people from walking around the campuses. Visitors check-in at a security desk where a security officer can handout passes that can be checked on the the computer to see if the visitor are at the place she or he is supposed to be and if they are in the right building on campus at help safe guard the Campuses. Campuses security is made up of retired police officers that know the penal law and fail to read the security law at this time and fail to be retrained in security. In some states, all their security officers are to be trained. So at this time if the college campuses takes out the old and replaces it with the new the campuses can become safe.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:mom and pop

I started Harris Security Consultant Inc for the small businesses in the can use a  security consulting company to make the workplace safe. I want my company to help the people that buy home monitoring systems and cameras that are good for the home. My company can help you design a system. The big consulting companies look out for the big companies and corporations to keep them safe. I hope that at my company can help you. I am here for the smallest home to the biggest. And I am here to help the Mom & Pop stores to the small bar on the block. My company can help you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Harris Security Consultant inc:website

If you like to see more of Harris Security Consultant Inc. Please check-out the website at

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Nightclub Security Law

Since New York City has now mandated into law the “Nightclub Security Law”, My Security Consultant Company is offering to help you with designing security systems for bars, nightclubs and hotels. The City is asking all bars and dance clubs to place cameras inside and outside their establishments and to place monitors and DVR’s in a safe place. Failing to do so will result in a fine.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Who We Are a Security Consulting Company

The Company's Purpose:
To consult and give information to people on security matters for their
home and/or business.

We are an information service, providing security consultation. Every
case is assessed on the principle of cost effectiveness. Advice and
specification is based on our assessment of risk. Opinions may differ on
the best methods of providing protection but there is no substitute for
experience in terms of product capability.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Home Security

Harris Security Consultant Inc is showing you home security system that can work with a computer and dvrs and different styles of cameras.

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