Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:campus security

As a security Consultant Company i think security on college campuses is failing because the security campuses surveillance are old and out dated and people can walk on campuses and go from building to building and no one stops them. More security campuses. Security officers drive around the campus. If more security officers walked the campuses they can see more. If campuses security added more surveillance systems and issue ID cards to all the students it can stop people from walking around the campuses. Visitors check-in at a security desk where a security officer can handout passes that can be checked on the the computer to see if the visitor are at the place she or he is supposed to be and if they are in the right building on campus at help safe guard the Campuses. Campuses security is made up of retired police officers that know the penal law and fail to read the security law at this time and fail to be retrained in security. In some states, all their security officers are to be trained. So at this time if the college campuses takes out the old and replaces it with the new the campuses can become safe.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Harris Security Consultant Inc:mom and pop

I started Harris Security Consultant Inc for the small businesses in the can use a  security consulting company to make the workplace safe. I want my company to help the people that buy home monitoring systems and cameras that are good for the home. My company can help you design a system. The big consulting companies look out for the big companies and corporations to keep them safe. I hope that at my company can help you. I am here for the smallest home to the biggest. And I am here to help the Mom & Pop stores to the small bar on the block. My company can help you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Harris Security Consultant inc:website

If you like to see more of Harris Security Consultant Inc. Please check-out the website at

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Nightclub Security Law

Since New York City has now mandated into law the “Nightclub Security Law”, My Security Consultant Company is offering to help you with designing security systems for bars, nightclubs and hotels. The City is asking all bars and dance clubs to place cameras inside and outside their establishments and to place monitors and DVR’s in a safe place. Failing to do so will result in a fine.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Who We Are a Security Consulting Company

The Company's Purpose:
To consult and give information to people on security matters for their
home and/or business.

We are an information service, providing security consultation. Every
case is assessed on the principle of cost effectiveness. Advice and
specification is based on our assessment of risk. Opinions may differ on
the best methods of providing protection but there is no substitute for
experience in terms of product capability.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Home Security

Harris Security Consultant Inc is showing you home security system that can work with a computer and dvrs and different styles of cameras.

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