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Harris Security Consultant Inc:Here is a network solution for homes

The TV-IP200 Internet Camera Server is the perfect device for remote monitoring and transmitting real-time event over the Internet. With the reliability and scalability of Fast Ethernet, the TV-IP200 functions as a video/surveillance camera allowing you to view live events with your Web Browser via Internet or Intranet. This Internet Camera Server has VGA quality Streaming Video, Automatic Snapshot, Event Notification via e-mail, and Auxiliary Input/Output Connectors, making it the ideal solution for Internet video broadcasting applications

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Bidding for a Contract

I run a security product company and a security consultant company too. I want to sell security equipment to the government, city and state. So before you can sell the product you are asked to bid for it first. You are asked to read a bid contract that maybe 50 pages long just to see one item. The people that make up the contract are people in the purchasing department. How much security experience do they have? Do they really know what they are asking for? After you read the contract you see that the product that they are asking for comes from the trade magazines and the big name companies like Sony and Bosch and if you are selling a new line of product you are out. I think if the purchasing department hires a security consultant company to help makeup the bid contract it would help and make the bid contract 50 pages less is a good thing. One more thing, it is hard for the new company to bid on a contract if it is their first time bidding. The government, city and state are supposed

Harris Security Consutant Inc:I like is for the home

Here is a item i like for the home.It is four camera wireless system and can place it in the home or outdoor.If you like to see more check-out the website at