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Harris Security Consultant inc:Security and Law Enforcement Conventions

Myself and the company's President of Operations attended the Police Security Expo 2008. Here are her thoughts on the convention. I attended the Police Security Expo 2008 in Atlantic City at the Convention Center on June 24. I had no expectations about the convention because this was something new that I never attended or been a part of. My impression afterward was that of not being impressed. There were a lot of gun displays, police car displays, mobile unit displays, uniform displays and island trip displays which I thought at first was out of place but then figured what does an overworked law enforcement agent want but a vacation on a tropical island or a cruise to get away. I found the convention geared more toward law enforcement (cops, agents) than to security. I don't know what I expected to see but what I saw gave minimal interest. I did try to see if there were any products that we could market ourselves. My only thought was to add another component to the Harris Sec