Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Library Security Systems,EAS Systems

Here is a new Library EAS System, that the company likes, if you are looking to upgrade. And it is user-friendly.
Product Description
Working Voltage: AC: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Working environment: 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F
Materials: advanced resin glass
Detection of magnetic length: Co-based magnetic stripe more than 2 inches
Monitoring height: 67 inches
Monitoring the width :31.5 - 47.25 inches
Can be composed of dual-channel or multi- channel
Overall dimension (approx): 58.25 x 21.25 x 1.50 inches
2 prong

You can fine it at www.shadowsecurityproduct,com/products

Friday, October 9, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Building security into environmental design

Whether it's for an existing facility or for new construction, some of the more common hardware selected for school security includes:
* Closed-circuit television cameras
Cost-effective and capable, these television cameras are most effective when used to observe public corridors, stairwells and exterior doors, as well as larger spaces during school, such as the cafeteria and gymnasium.
* Door security hardware
Schools that use generators can lock doors electromagnetically, which translates into a force of either 600 or 1,200 pounds.
* Panic buttons
These, along with intercom systems, go hand-in-hand with many school security systems.
* Electronic security panels
Used primarily to monitor doorways, door hardware is connected to a security-control console that records all alarms.
* ID cards
These allow access to designated users, and they monitor and track who enters which room at what time.
* Metal detectors
Metal detectors can be costly, and each one requires three people to operate it. Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to guard one of the school's entrances with a metal detector if there won't be one at every other entry and exit. A better investment might be a hand held metal detector for use on a case-by-case basis.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Harris Security consultant inc:Car Security/Car Rear View System

Car security is the new security product that people are looking for to safe guard their cars. We at Harris Security Consultant find this new line of car security products, from Mobile DVR to cameras and monitors, can help. To see more of these products go to

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harris Security Consultant:Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

The company is getting more and more Q&A on wireless transmitter and receiver some people are using them for shooting range by setting up cameras and monitors to see the targets.
Product Features:
4 - 12 Channel Frequency
Working Frequency: 2.2G / 2.3G / 2.4G
Output Power: 1000mW
Transmission Distance (open and unobstructed): 3280 - 9840 feet (1000 - 3000m)
Dimension : 3" x 2" x .50" (74*41*14mm)
Package Includes: 12 channel receiver, transmitter, antenna, video cable and transmitter connecting cable. Digital display and transmitter's power adapter included.

You can find this item at our website www,
If you went to buy is item.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:4 channel DVR

The company was looking at this 4 channel DVR because it works good for the home and retail security. Here is the description of the product.
The Most User-Friendly Surveillance System
The Most Cost Effective DVR
4 Channel Simplex, View 120 FPS
Record 30 FPS
Motion Detection
USB 2.0 Port for Playback
MJPEG Video Compression
RS-485 Interface for PTZ Control
IR Remote Controller
Optional VGA Out
Image Resolution: Display: NTSC 720X480, PAL: 720X576
Dimension: 315X224X52mm
You can see more at

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Harris Security Consultantinc:Retail Solution

Most retailers have video surveillance installed in their stores. Frequently, however, these systems become passive tools for documenting theft after it occurs, because no loss prevention investigator can be aware of all suspicious activity at all times. Thus, they’re often capturing footage but not catching the thief. Video analytics has offered a solution to solve this problem—using a computer to help the investigator monitor the store.

Traditional video analytics—using simple motiondetection algorithms—hasn’t proven valuable in busy retail environments. A simple motion-based alert on an expensive handbag or other high-theft merchandise will generate too many false alarms as people walk between the bag and the camera. At the same time, traditional DVR technology requires hours, or even days, to pull all of the video together to accurately document a case.

More recently, new video intelligence solutions have been developed to deal with these problems. Leading video analytics solutions can distinguish between people and merchandise movement and focus on truly suspicious activity, like a shelf wipeout. In addition, video intelligence solutions combine these analytics with tools that make it quick and easy for an investigator to track a suspect across cameras in a store, build an end-to-end evidence movie and export that evidence, along with case notes and mug shots, for sharing internally or with law enforcement. These same solutions marry the video with feeds from point-of-sale registers and customer service call buttons to simplify internal investigations. In this way, the video intelligence solution does more than just generate a list of alarms; it actually helps make every step in the theft identification/investigation process more effective and efficient.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harris Security consultant Inc:Wireless Surveillance Alarm System

As being a security consultant company people call and Q&A the company on security matters like for a wireless surveillance alarm system for apartments. So the company found this system that can help safe-guard the apartment.
Product Description
Economical Wireless Intelligent Burglar Alarm Host
Voices record and play
6-groups dial-up phone numbers
10 seconds’ tape-recording
Long -distance monitoring
Set and withdraw defense
It is sold at

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:A new constant speed dome IR & IP camera

Hi are you looking for a new constant speed dome IR & IP camera at look good in the home are business here the camera the company like because of the design.You can place it outdoor are indoor of the home and business.
Product Description
Constant Speed Dome IR & IP Camera With Pre-position
Support D1 Resolution Image
MPEG-4 Compression
Remote snapshot and video recording
Image Sensor: 1/3"SONY CCD Color
Horizontal Resolution: 420 TV Lines
Pixels: 704(H)×576(V)
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP,Linux
IR LED: 5 x 23PCS
IR Series Distance: 20M (66 feet)
Lens: Board Lens 3.6mm/F2.0
Sync System: Internal
IR Status: Under 10 Lux By CDS
Usable Illumination: 0 Lux/F2.0 (LED ON)
IR Power On CDS Auto Control
S/N Ratio: =48dB (AGC OFF)
Gamma Correction: 0.45
Video Out Composite Signal (1.0Vp-p, 75O)
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50 degrees Celsius (14 to 122 degrees F) RH95% Max
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 degrees Celsius (-4 to 140 degrees F) RH95% Max
White Balance Auto
Power Source: DC12V 500mA
Dimension: 131 x 96mm / 5 x 4 inches
Weight: 1000g / 2 lbs

If you like it you can order it

Friday, March 13, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:GovSec/US LAW and FOSE Convention

I attended the GovSec/US LAW and FOSE Convention in our nation's capital, Washington DC, this past week.
The convention was held from March 11-12. I found this convention/expo to be well organized and educational.
There were many speakers including the former director of FBI, Louis Freeh as keynote speaker,who spoke on the convergence of Homeland and Cyber Security, lectures, demonstrations of all types of products ranging from IP security software, new weapons in defense, water resistant ink and even an interactive robot that was extremely personable with a sense of humor. This convention's audience is government and civilian security professionals as well as IT professionals.

A comparison between this convention and the Security/Law convention I attended last year is that more women and people of color were in attendance and the expo did not just cater to those who are interested in the latest weapons and state of the art police cars. There were educational displays and literature from colleges with a focus on security education, lectures on the latest advances in crowd control and building safety to name a few. I attended the crowd control lecture. It was interesting hearing from the developers of a new security software that helps manage the communication flow between first responders in a large crowd scenario such as a sports event or like the inaugural event earlier this year. The software uses a "mesh" network which is able to use both wireless and wired IP systems to better be able to control the communication flow between first responders and all personnel who need to control a large crowd at an event.

At the expo there were many educational exhibits to assist with improving server security, IP safety, email signature encryption thru your PDA. The commonwealth of Puerto Rico had an exhibit on how to better safeguard data as well as show that there is a viable market in security and IP technology in the commonwealth.

The expo was well organized and welcoming. The people and staff were friendly and helpful. Two thumbs up to GovSec/US LAW and FOSE for a great expo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harris Security Consultant inc:Increased Training for Security Officers

At this time more people are going to start working in security. Being a security consultant I've been in the business for some time before I started the company. My training was good. However, some security companies fail to train the people that they hire in the security field and this makes the business look bad. Here in New York State, you are required to take classes in the security field, like an 8 hour class, before you can receive a license to be a security officer. Because the field is opening up there should be more training in the field. 8 and 16 hour classes once a year is not enough training. Because the field is so varied, people should be trained continuously on the functions of that particular site in addition to the general knowledge needed to be a competent security officer.

I read a story on a security officer that was killed in line of duty. He worked for a company for two days. I wonder if he was trained before he was sent out to this site by the company he worked for. The right training may have saved his life. If he was properly trained by a supervisor, who should be competent in their position, he would be trained to check IDs before opening the door and calling the people in the building if it was ok for a guest to come to the apartment.

I think being a good security officer is based on good training by the company that hires you. Some companies fail to train security officers. If security companies were familiar with the security law more security guards would be trained better. I've worked for some companies that failed to train me and my life was on the line at some sites because the security supervisor failed to show up to train me on the site.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Ketec Digital RF Systems

Checkpoint raises the bar for retail loss prevention and
inventory management

Checkpoint's new Liberty™ family of antennas is the most advanced
EAS solution available to today's retailers. By combining
next-generation Digital RF technology with robust communications and
remote alarm data-capture capabilities, Liberty antennas deliver
superior performance to maximize loss-prevention effectiveness in
any store environment.

Liberty provides:
•High-performance Digital RF detection
•Virtual freedom from false alarms
•Value-added two-way communications
•Flexible, customizable configurations
•Automated alarm analysis
•RFID upgradability
•Remote system monitoring
•All-new, ultra-durable design
•Ideal platform for detection of both EAS and RFID tags

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Overview

Shoplifters steal more than US$10 billion a year from U.S. retailers.

According to the University of Florida's 2003 National Retail Security Survey, the
average shoplifting dollar loss is US $265.30 per incident—a significant increase
over the previous year's average of US $207.18 per incident. European retailers
surveyed by the Centre for Retail Research for its European Retail Theft Barometer
see customer theft as their greatest security problem, accounting for 48% of their
total losses annually. Worldwide, shoplifting means lost sales, higher inventory
costs, and tighter margins—all of which can be disastrous in today's increasingly
competitive marketplace.

Fortunately, retailers CAN stop shoplifters and cut shrink.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been proven to protect your
merchandise against shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-theft
merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take stolen items through
electronic sensors at exit doors.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Harris Security Consultant inc:A Worldwide Tend

Harris security consultant says that the United States is beginning to assume attitudes more in line with those in Great Britain, which leads the world in the number of public closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. Cameras were installed in English cities to deal with a rash of Irish Republican Army-inspired terrorist attacks and proved valuable when suicide bombers struck London's subway and bus lines in July 2005.

“The public welcomes them as a safety tool,” Harris security consultant adds.

Latin America has also recognized the value of cameras with approximately 90 cities establishing surveillance systems. Now cameras are common sights on street corners.

“These folks learned very quickly that they could really deter crime, especially in town centers and important areas across a municipality, by deploying CCTV solutions,” says Harris security consultant a provider of wireless video software systems.

In recent years, an estimated 40 cities in the United States have installed public safety networks with most incorporating CCTV in their systems. These include major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Minneapolis and New York City. Another 150 cities are at planning to install some kind of network, according to Harris security consultant.

Cameras are already fulfilling a variety of law enforcement functions. Motorists in many cities large and small have seen cameras at traffic lights that photograph the license plates of red light runners. Those caught by the cameras typically receive a ticket in the mail for their indiscretion.

The Houston Police Department has 50 such cameras at intersections, along with other cameras to monitor the illegal dumping of garbage. The number in Chicago and New York City runs into the hundreds.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Good News

The company has recently become a registered vendor of security products by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. This is good news for the company because at this time we are going to set-up an online product store and the company is M B E Certified by New York City and New York State. It's a good thing for the company to help more people on security matters.

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