Friday, January 30, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Ketec Digital RF Systems

Checkpoint raises the bar for retail loss prevention and
inventory management

Checkpoint's new Liberty™ family of antennas is the most advanced
EAS solution available to today's retailers. By combining
next-generation Digital RF technology with robust communications and
remote alarm data-capture capabilities, Liberty antennas deliver
superior performance to maximize loss-prevention effectiveness in
any store environment.

Liberty provides:
•High-performance Digital RF detection
•Virtual freedom from false alarms
•Value-added two-way communications
•Flexible, customizable configurations
•Automated alarm analysis
•RFID upgradability
•Remote system monitoring
•All-new, ultra-durable design
•Ideal platform for detection of both EAS and RFID tags

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Overview

Shoplifters steal more than US$10 billion a year from U.S. retailers.

According to the University of Florida's 2003 National Retail Security Survey, the
average shoplifting dollar loss is US $265.30 per incident—a significant increase
over the previous year's average of US $207.18 per incident. European retailers
surveyed by the Centre for Retail Research for its European Retail Theft Barometer
see customer theft as their greatest security problem, accounting for 48% of their
total losses annually. Worldwide, shoplifting means lost sales, higher inventory
costs, and tighter margins—all of which can be disastrous in today's increasingly
competitive marketplace.

Fortunately, retailers CAN stop shoplifters and cut shrink.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been proven to protect your
merchandise against shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-theft
merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take stolen items through
electronic sensors at exit doors.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Harris Security Consultant inc:A Worldwide Tend

Harris security consultant says that the United States is beginning to assume attitudes more in line with those in Great Britain, which leads the world in the number of public closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. Cameras were installed in English cities to deal with a rash of Irish Republican Army-inspired terrorist attacks and proved valuable when suicide bombers struck London's subway and bus lines in July 2005.

“The public welcomes them as a safety tool,” Harris security consultant adds.

Latin America has also recognized the value of cameras with approximately 90 cities establishing surveillance systems. Now cameras are common sights on street corners.

“These folks learned very quickly that they could really deter crime, especially in town centers and important areas across a municipality, by deploying CCTV solutions,” says Harris security consultant a provider of wireless video software systems.

In recent years, an estimated 40 cities in the United States have installed public safety networks with most incorporating CCTV in their systems. These include major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Minneapolis and New York City. Another 150 cities are at planning to install some kind of network, according to Harris security consultant.

Cameras are already fulfilling a variety of law enforcement functions. Motorists in many cities large and small have seen cameras at traffic lights that photograph the license plates of red light runners. Those caught by the cameras typically receive a ticket in the mail for their indiscretion.

The Houston Police Department has 50 such cameras at intersections, along with other cameras to monitor the illegal dumping of garbage. The number in Chicago and New York City runs into the hundreds.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Good News

The company has recently become a registered vendor of security products by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. This is good news for the company because at this time we are going to set-up an online product store and the company is M B E Certified by New York City and New York State. It's a good thing for the company to help more people on security matters.

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