Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harris Security Consultant inc:Increased Training for Security Officers

At this time more people are going to start working in security. Being a security consultant I've been in the business for some time before I started the company. My training was good. However, some security companies fail to train the people that they hire in the security field and this makes the business look bad. Here in New York State, you are required to take classes in the security field, like an 8 hour class, before you can receive a license to be a security officer. Because the field is opening up there should be more training in the field. 8 and 16 hour classes once a year is not enough training. Because the field is so varied, people should be trained continuously on the functions of that particular site in addition to the general knowledge needed to be a competent security officer.

I read a story on a security officer that was killed in line of duty. He worked for a company for two days. I wonder if he was trained before he was sent out to this site by the company he worked for. The right training may have saved his life. If he was properly trained by a supervisor, who should be competent in their position, he would be trained to check IDs before opening the door and calling the people in the building if it was ok for a guest to come to the apartment.

I think being a good security officer is based on good training by the company that hires you. Some companies fail to train security officers. If security companies were familiar with the security law more security guards would be trained better. I've worked for some companies that failed to train me and my life was on the line at some sites because the security supervisor failed to show up to train me on the site.

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