Friday, March 13, 2009

Harris Security Consultant Inc:GovSec/US LAW and FOSE Convention

I attended the GovSec/US LAW and FOSE Convention in our nation's capital, Washington DC, this past week.
The convention was held from March 11-12. I found this convention/expo to be well organized and educational.
There were many speakers including the former director of FBI, Louis Freeh as keynote speaker,who spoke on the convergence of Homeland and Cyber Security, lectures, demonstrations of all types of products ranging from IP security software, new weapons in defense, water resistant ink and even an interactive robot that was extremely personable with a sense of humor. This convention's audience is government and civilian security professionals as well as IT professionals.

A comparison between this convention and the Security/Law convention I attended last year is that more women and people of color were in attendance and the expo did not just cater to those who are interested in the latest weapons and state of the art police cars. There were educational displays and literature from colleges with a focus on security education, lectures on the latest advances in crowd control and building safety to name a few. I attended the crowd control lecture. It was interesting hearing from the developers of a new security software that helps manage the communication flow between first responders in a large crowd scenario such as a sports event or like the inaugural event earlier this year. The software uses a "mesh" network which is able to use both wireless and wired IP systems to better be able to control the communication flow between first responders and all personnel who need to control a large crowd at an event.

At the expo there were many educational exhibits to assist with improving server security, IP safety, email signature encryption thru your PDA. The commonwealth of Puerto Rico had an exhibit on how to better safeguard data as well as show that there is a viable market in security and IP technology in the commonwealth.

The expo was well organized and welcoming. The people and staff were friendly and helpful. Two thumbs up to GovSec/US LAW and FOSE for a great expo.

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