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Harris Security Consultant:Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

The company is getting more and more Q&A on wireless transmitter and receiver some people are using them for shooting range by setting up cameras and monitors to see the targets. Product Features: 4 - 12 Channel Frequency Working Frequency: 2.2G / 2.3G / 2.4G Output Power: 1000mW Transmission Distance (open and unobstructed): 3280 - 9840 feet (1000 - 3000m) Dimension : 3" x 2" x .50" (74*41*14mm) Package Includes: 12 channel receiver, transmitter, antenna, video cable and transmitter connecting cable. Digital display and transmitter's power adapter included. You can find this item at our website  www, If you went to buy is item.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:4 channel DVR

The company was looking at this 4 channel DVR because it works good for the home and retail security. Here is the description of the product. The Most User-Friendly Surveillance System The Most Cost Effective DVR 4 Channel Simplex, View 120 FPS Record 30 FPS Motion Detection USB 2.0 Port for Playback MJPEG Video Compression RS-485 Interface for PTZ Control IR Remote Controller Optional VGA Out Image Resolution: Display: NTSC 720X480, PAL: 720X576 Dimension: 315X224X52mm You can see more at

Harris Security Consultantinc:Retail Solution

Most retailers have video surveillance installed in their stores. Frequently, however, these systems become passive tools for documenting theft after it occurs, because no loss prevention investigator can be aware of all suspicious activity at all times. Thus, they’re often capturing footage but not catching the thief. Video analytics has offered a solution to solve this problem—using a computer to help the investigator monitor the store. Traditional video analytics—using simple motiondetection algorithms—hasn’t proven valuable in busy retail environments. A simple motion-based alert on an expensive handbag or other high-theft merchandise will generate too many false alarms as people walk between the bag and the camera. At the same time, traditional DVR technology requires hours, or even days, to pull all of the video together to accurately document a case. More recently, new video intelligence solutions have been developed to deal with these problems. Leading video analytics solut

Harris Security consultant Inc:Wireless Surveillance Alarm System

As being a security consultant company people call and Q&A the company on security matters like for a wireless surveillance alarm system for apartments. So the company found this system that can help safe-guard the apartment. Product Description Economical Wireless Intelligent Burglar Alarm Host Voices record and play 6-groups dial-up phone numbers 10 seconds’ tape-recording Long -distance monitoring Set and withdraw defense It is sold at http://www.