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Harris Security Consultant Inc:DVR with flatsecreen monitor

Features: H.264 Baseline: 9 selectable video quality levels Hexaplex operation - simultaneous record, live, playback, backup, control, & remote access Mixed operation windows - Playback Search for selected channel in the live monitoring mode Recording quality can be configured into two groups-better usage of hard disk 5 network clients supported Network audio conferencing capability Playback search by time or event (alarm, motion, & video loss) Multilingual support Multi-level password to ensure high degree of security Specifications: Video Input / Output: NTSC / PAL : BNC 4CH In / 1CH Out Display Resolution: NTSC : 720x480 ; PAL: 720x576 Recording Frame rate: NTSC : 30/720x480;  60/720x240;  120/360x240 Resolution: PAL : 25/720x576;  50/720x288;  100/360x288 Compression Format: Video: H.264 Baseline Audio: ADPCM Hard Disk Capacity:Up to 500G Bytes ,  SATA HD x 1 LCD Display: 15"  color LCD, 1024x768, 450:1, 150nit, view angle:80°, 4:3, CCFL Recordi