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Harris Security Consultant Inc:Airport Security x-ray security

www.shadowsecurtyproduct/products The AUTOCLEAR 7555 Overall Dimensions: 199.1 cm Long X 95.3 cm Wide X 139.5 cm High 78.4 Inches Long X 37.5 Inches Wide X 54.9 Inches High Inspection Capabilities Tunnel Size: 29.6 Inches Wide X 21.7 Inches High 75 cm Wide X 55 cm High Is a large capacity, high penetration, heavy-duty, conveyorized X-ray scanner designed to inspect carry-on and checked bags, large mail trays and boxes. Standard Features: Real Clear , Cal, High density, auto Den alert , Dark & Light enhance, auto Tracking Density Scan Fast (25 second) initial warm-up auto Sensing Color; Reverse B/W Fully functional, robust and low profile auto Outline High/Low Density & Stripping Reversible conveyor direction auto Scale Engineered, made and rigorously tested in the USA

Harris Security Consultant Inc:8 CH DVR with Monitor

•H.264 Compression format  •8Ch playback  •60fps D1 / 240fps CIF  •DAT or AVI Backup •Remote Monitoring / Control via CMS or Web Browsers  •Multi-User management •Live view on Smart Phones

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Metor 6S Walk-Through Metal Detector

“In today’s challenging security environment, customers are looking for affordable, efficient and reliable solutions to their security needs,” said  Robert J. Harris,CEO of Harris Security Consultant Inc. “Built using the latest technology, the Metor 6S’ enhanced security features provide reliable threat detection in demanding high sensitivity screening environments." Along with advanced security features, the Metor  6S is easy to install and operate, includes a random alarm function and intelligent traffic counters for reliable statistics. Additionally, enhanced features such as preset detection programs, an automated frequency function and automated sensitivity and floor sensitivity functions allow for easier usability.   About the Systems ,  a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is a leading global supplier of security inspection solutions utilizing X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and advanced threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis.

Harris Security Consultant Inc: The big city really care about the little people?

Public Housing Building Does the big city really care about our safety and well being? The answer is yes and no. Yes they care but up to certain point.. where it is financially feasible for them to care.. No they don't care..when they can't find a way to make it financially feasible for them. Case in point... In big Metropolis City (named changed to protect the innocent) approximately 42 million dollars was set aside to purchase and install security cameras for 80 public housing buildings. This money was set aside over the last eight years. Here we are in 2012... Are the cameras installed? No Has crime increased in these buildings? Yes Why such a delay? No comment Really? For almost 8 years the city has put aside millions of dollars for the safety of the residents of public housing and nothing has been done. No explanation as to why or why not.  It wasn't until the recent shootings of a toddler and police officer and a woman being stabbed to death,

Harris Security Consultant Inc: New VideoPhone

Image The company fined is new Video Phone Doorbell Camera with Monitor, Video Doorbell Intercom Wireless System Call, intercom, 7" color, monitor, unlock, infrared. night vision, CMOS. With time and attendance functionality, support for ID cards and passwords open the door, plastic host

Harris Security Consultant Inc-IR Manual Zoom Camera

Image ● Elegant-looking design & weatherproof IR camera IP66 ● IR power-on, Color to B/W automatically at night ● CE, ROHS, FCC, IP66 and ISO 9001:2000 ● ¢5X42PCS IR leds, valid distance:35-40M ● Unique double glass&metal ring prevent reflection and foggy problem ● Uncovered Easy zoom and focus function ● 3 Axis hidden cable bracket included ● OSD menu operation, IR Leveal adjusting, with video test plug  Here is a Sony Waterproof  IR Manual Zoom Camera You can buy it at

Harris Security Consultant Inc-2.4G 4pcs Wireless Cameras with USB Receiver

Image product Details:     2.4GHz digital wireless security kit     4 cameras and view 4 images at the same time.     10 Night vision range     Waterproof camera     No more interference,transmission distance is longer than analog's very important.      Seeing and recording 4 pictures at the same time     Audio and video recording, image capturing     Network Remote Monitoring     Get power via USB2.0 port     Schedule recording, motion detection alarm and record     Digital wireless makes sure the information is protected     200-250M transmission distance in open areas     Intelligent search recording files     Support Date,Time,Week Stamps To more go to

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Diy Monitoring Video

◆Video Input/Output: BNC 4CH In/ 1CH BNC Out/ 1CH VGA Out ◆Audio Input/Output: RCA 4CH In/ 1CH Out ◆Alarm Input/Output: Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out ◆Compression Method: H.264 ◆Real time recording support: CIF:352×240 with 120 Fps (NTSC); 352×288 with 100Fps (PAL) D1:720×480 with 120 Fps (NTSC); 704×576 with 100 Fps (PAL) ◆Preview resolution: 720 x 480 ( NTSC ), 704 x 576 ( PAL ) ; Playback resolution: 4 x D1 ◆Hexaplex operation simultaneously: Preview, recording, playback, and network live, backup, playback ◆1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS , Support Internet Explorer and special client software ◆Remote Control, PTZ, RS485 x 1, 2 × USB, 1 × IR Controller ◆1 SATA Hard Disk interface ◆Backup: USB2.0 and Network ◆Support remote view by Mobilephone The company look at this security product it is for the home/business can be set-up to a TV are Displays  Go to:

Harris Security Consultant Inc:The Light Are On When People Are Sleeping

The big city is asleep... the lights are on and no one is outside.So here is my story of the big city.  The city is locked-up by security and police. People are locked in their homes. Security and police walk the street to make you feel safe. No one is goes out to see the bright lights because at night I look around for people. The people are safe in their homes and apartments watching  security cameras and hope no one comes by to visit because you will have to unlock all the 20 locks on your doors and windows. I like this because I run a security consultant company. For  people who want to safeguard their home is good for business. As a security consultant I see this as a bad thing for people to be locked in like that. So please come out and look at the lights -- it is safe. Here a story in one of the big cities. It is 2012, open the windows and look out before it comes and goes because you are locked in. I like walking around to see how safe we are when the sun goes down. I

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Indoor/Outdoor 40m waterproof vari-focal IR dome camera

1/3 sony interline transfer CCD Built-inautomatic electronic shutter The use of advanced digital signal processing technology(DSP), Provide a higher quality picture and more advanced features 5-inch sphere, compactdesign, easy installand beautiful style, Particularly suitable for shops, hotels, shopping malls, residential interior. It is the perfect monitoring tool.  The company said here is a new dome camera for 2012   Go to: