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Harris Security Consultant Inc: The big city really care about the little people?

Public Housing Building Does the big city really care about our safety and well being? The answer is yes and no. Yes they care but up to certain point.. where it is financially feasible for them to care.. No they don't care..when they can't find a way to make it financially feasible for them. Case in point... In big Metropolis City (named changed to protect the innocent) approximately 42 million dollars was set aside to purchase and install security cameras for 80 public housing buildings. This money was set aside over the last eight years. Here we are in 2012... Are the cameras installed? No Has crime increased in these buildings? Yes Why such a delay? No comment Really? For almost 8 years the city has put aside millions of dollars for the safety of the residents of public housing and nothing has been done. No explanation as to why or why not.  It wasn't until the recent shootings of a toddler and police officer and a woman being stabbed to death,

Harris Security Consultant Inc: New VideoPhone

Image The company fined is new Video Phone Doorbell Camera with Monitor, Video Doorbell Intercom Wireless System Call, intercom, 7" color, monitor, unlock, infrared. night vision, CMOS. With time and attendance functionality, support for ID cards and passwords open the door, plastic host