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Harris Security Consultant Inc:Airport Security x-ray security

www.shadowsecurtyproduct/products The AUTOCLEAR 7555 Overall Dimensions: 199.1 cm Long X 95.3 cm Wide X 139.5 cm High 78.4 Inches Long X 37.5 Inches Wide X 54.9 Inches High Inspection Capabilities Tunnel Size: 29.6 Inches Wide X 21.7 Inches High 75 cm Wide X 55 cm High Is a large capacity, high penetration, heavy-duty, conveyorized X-ray scanner designed to inspect carry-on and checked bags, large mail trays and boxes. Standard Features: Real Clear , Cal, High density, auto Den alert , Dark & Light enhance, auto Tracking Density Scan Fast (25 second) initial warm-up auto Sensing Color; Reverse B/W Fully functional, robust and low profile auto Outline High/Low Density & Stripping Reversible conveyor direction auto Scale Engineered, made and rigorously tested in the USA

Harris Security Consultant Inc:8 CH DVR with Monitor

•H.264 Compression format  •8Ch playback  •60fps D1 / 240fps CIF  •DAT or AVI Backup •Remote Monitoring / Control via CMS or Web Browsers  •Multi-User management •Live view on Smart Phones

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Metor 6S Walk-Through Metal Detector

“In today’s challenging security environment, customers are looking for affordable, efficient and reliable solutions to their security needs,” said  Robert J. Harris,CEO of Harris Security Consultant Inc. “Built using the latest technology, the Metor 6S’ enhanced security features provide reliable threat detection in demanding high sensitivity screening environments." Along with advanced security features, the Metor  6S is easy to install and operate, includes a random alarm function and intelligent traffic counters for reliable statistics. Additionally, enhanced features such as preset detection programs, an automated frequency function and automated sensitivity and floor sensitivity functions allow for easier usability.   About the Systems ,  a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is a leading global supplier of security inspection solutions utilizing X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and advanced threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis.