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Harris Security Consultant Inc:Harris Consulting Detective

The company is a consulting Detective company. We are going to open new doors in security because we are going to talk about all forms of security, from corporation security to security design  and more. Will help people with security. Talk about new security products. I went to consultant on all the think people went  help on from buying security products to security solution.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Customized Home Security Systems

The security package that works great for your neighbor’s home may not necessarily work well for yours. It is always recommended that you customize your home security system to fit your needs for the right price.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Wired 7"Color LCD Video Intercom Camera Home

The company like is new wired intercom camera. Product Features  This Product adopts the theory of digital audio frequency and video wireless transmisstion, outdoor surveillance and indoor display, bilateral intercom. The indoor Monitor has the remoteunlock function and can monitor outdoor circumstances at any time, the advanced infrared assisting lumination, which make sure visitor can be viewed at night, With fashionable and fresh apprearance for your family, This absolutely an ideal security product for modern families. Easy to install Luxury apprearance with high-tech wire-drawing superficial treatment Full die-casting aluminum housing with ultra-thin design video door phone with hands-free intercom Functions: calling, talking, monitoring, unlocking Adjustable contrast and brightness Clear night view for 24 hours monitoring One outdoor camera can support up to 4 indoor monitors and vice versa