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Harris Security Consultant Inc:Happy Holiday 2016

Robert Harris and the company's like to said thank you for taking the time to read the company Blog.  All the best for the new year.And come back and see went new for 2017.

Harris Security Consultant Inc : Robots to replace Security Guard

It here a Robots well replace a Security Guard.I was reading a stories in one of the Security News paper.It said a company designed a Robots at can act as Security Guard.It can be use at Parking lots campuses working outdoors and can be use indoors at facilities and at offices towers.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Smart Home Security

    When you think of Smart Home Security. Why spend thousands of dollars to have someone else monitor your home.When you can do it yourself.So I pick some cameras that can help you.And if  my company can help you to design security system. Feel free to send a E-Mail. Here is a indoor camera here a security system for the home

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Library Security

. When you think of Library Security.I think of security guards at the front door.That the old way how the new way to safe guard books in the Library is to use the new EAS systems. For the Library and the new Security Tags at can be place in the books.I am show you one of the New EAS Systems and the new Security Tags. Library EAS Systems Library Security Tags