Monday, December 16, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Happy Holiday 2019

The Company wants to take a minute to say thank you for reading the company blog. The company wishes you all the Best for the New Year. I hope you all come back and continue reading the company blog because it is all about helping you to feel safe all year around.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Home Security WIFI Plug Camera Smart Socket Camera

Home Security WIFI Plug Camera Smart Socket Cameration
 I love this new Security Camera. You can use it in the home and you can use this new WIFI Plug Camera Smart Socket Camera. You can place it in an apartment too. Think about it,  you can now safeguard your apartment with this new Security Camera. You can use your cell phone to check-in on your apartment. I hope you like this new item . Footnote: it time to start helping people that rent an apartment with security systems. Some security companies just are looking at home.Why?  My Company looks for way to help people that rent an apartment with security.
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WIFI Plug Camera at talk to your cell Phone
Plug WIFI Cameras

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Home Doorbell Security Camera

 Home Doorbell Security Camera

Home Doorbell Security Camera: How do you feel about the Doorbell Security Camera? The Company loves the camera because you can see people at the front door when you are home and when you are away from home. When are the security companies going to design a system for an apartment building so people in apartments can feel safe before opening the front door.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Professional Installation Part 2

Here is the right camera for this small store.
The camera is too big for inside the store.

A professional installer shows up and places these big cameras in a small store
(Professional Installation Part 2)

I talk about how Professional Installers are all about making money by placing Security Cameras that are too big for small stores.  In my city, my company is about helping people by designing the right security systems.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:How to Safeguard Commercial Building

The Right Security Camera for outside of a Commercial Building

How to Safeguard Commercial Building is base on how big the building is and if the security cameras are good for the security design of the building.It no fun when you you just have security cameras because some are cameras are based on distance. it also funny some building designers fail to use a residential security consulting to help with camera placement when it comes to designing a new building in my city.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems
Commercial Security Systems
As a Security Consultant, I like walking around looking at commercial buildings to see how the security systems are setup to safeguard the building. Some companies use someone that can just place cameras. If you want to be safe hire a professional like a Security Consultant who can design a security system to fit your needs.
#commercialsecuritysystems #securityconsultant #commercialbuilding #securitysystems

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Retail Security The Right Tools

EAS System for the front doors
Security Cameras 
Security Guards

Three ways to stop shoplifting in your retail store by using all these tools.When i walk around my town. I look in retail stores to see if some are using all three tools. I ask if these tools help to stop shoplifting .Some stores say yes it work. shoplifting is going down. That a good thing

#securitycameas #eassystems #securityguards #shoplifting #retailsecurity #therighttools

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Face Recognition Camera

Face Recognition Camera
Face Recognition is use in Law Enforcement and Airport Security. Yes you can use in Commercial Security.

H.265+/H.265/H.264 2.Support IR-CUT(HD 3MP Lens,6mm/8mm white led, IR Distance:60m Support ONVIF waterproof (IP 66)

*Support Smart WDR/BLC/Anti-flicker *Support 1920*1080@25fps *Support Face Detection,Face Capture,Face Recognition,Fast Storage,Face statistics analysis,count people *High speed comparison,98% High Speed Comparison,Accuracy up to 98% *Support ONVIF/HTTP/GB28181 etc protocol *white led with full color face recognition * face recognition three person same time.
Face Recognition Camera 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:New Door Locks

Fingerprint Lock
Hotel Lock

The Company is always looking for new items to talk about. So the Company is how talking about new door locks like Hotel Lock and Fingerprint lock. For a long time the Company just look at Security Cameras. So how we started to look at all the new Door locks because if the outside is safe.The front door can be safe too. I like the Fingerprint lock because no fingerprint is the same. The new Hotel Lock are good. All the New Locks i like. So how the family's can Feel Safe.

#homesecurityconsulting #newdoorlocks #harrissecurityconsultant #hotellock #fingerprintlock

Friday, April 5, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Professional Installation

Is cameras is in the right place 
Is cameras is place in a lobby
So here why you hide a Home Security Consulting to help you to place the right cameras in the right place for your Residential and Commercial Building. Because some Professional Installation just sell you cameras because that the right thinking to do a Professional Installation show up at a one of my client place to set-up a cameras. I ask why are you place in a outdoor camera in the lobby of is Building. Is cameras is use for the outside of the Building. No answer to my question a bad Professional Installation.How the client is waiting for a new indoor camera. Please hide a Home Security Consulting for your next job.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Hisicom Wireless IP Camera

The company like is new Wireless IP Camera.You can use in your home.I love all is new products.

Hisicon Wireless 2MP IP Camera,
Two way audio & video, 
Support 4pcs Camera view at same time
Max 128G TF Card support

Monday, January 28, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Always looking for new ways to help

Hi! It is that time of year in 2019 when all is new -- like new security items from companies around the world who want to show-off their new security products like new dome cameras and new solar-powered security cameras. Harris Security Consultant Inc. is also looking at new body cameras that can help law enforcement and security guards. The company is here to help you with questions about security matters and more because I run a security consultant company. Some people use a security consultant company to help design security systems for home and business. I love retail security because retail security tags can help safeguard all the items in a retail store. If you see a new security product that the company will like feel free to send an email to the company.

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