Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Professional Installation Part 2

Here is the right camera for this small store.
The camera is too big for inside the store.

A professional installer shows up and places these big cameras in a small store
(Professional Installation Part 2)

I talk about how Professional Installers are all about making money by placing Security Cameras that are too big for small stores.  In my city, my company is about helping people by designing the right security systems.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:How to Safeguard Commercial Building

The Right Security Camera for outside of a Commercial Building

How to Safeguard Commercial Building is base on how big the building is and if the security cameras are good for the security design of the building.It no fun when you you just have security cameras because some are cameras are based on distance. it also funny some building designers fail to use a residential security consulting to help with camera placement when it comes to designing a new building in my city.

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