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Harris Security Consultant Inc: Hotel Security part 4

  Hello to all my read . Here is my up-date on hotel/motel security it be a long time from the last post. So security in the hotel are looking good at this time. Here is the bad news how that covid -19 hit my city some of the big name hotels and motels closer down .Because the city was closer down for one year is a good time for some hotel to look at new security system because some system are old and it a good time for new one. Thing about time to hide a security company to place body's in the lobby it make people happy to see security guard walking the building. I am hoping that hotel reopen so my city can come back to life. When a city closers for a years it bad. For some time i be posting about hotel security because i hope that when people come is was helpful. So when you go to a hotel/motel you be safe.

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Shoplifting is big business and big Loss for Retail

For years i be saying that shoplifting is organized. Because of the items being lifting from the stores around the country. Shoplifting is big Business because people fail to see it. Because a good Shoplifter go right to the items that he are she is looking  pick-up and go out store and by the time Security see it  he are she is out the door the item is real for resell that fast.. The Professional Shoplifter and some come in to the store and the items are real for pick-up by member of gang to remove the items from the store. A Professional shoplifter said  if you boost you can sale to somebody on the net are on the street. I'm saying is going to keep going on in retail because no one think it a Professional group of Shoplifters. The Professional look at your store before going to see if the items is in the store that the people you look at see if are buying are looking. And if you going to hide a Security Guard he are she is good in loss Prevention that can help you .Because if you