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Robots are now being used in security and surveillance. They are helpful in public areas where privacy is not expected.
They can patrol manufacturing plants, hospitals, residential communities, shopping malls, college campuses, parking lots and structures.
They are cost effective in that they reduce security officer costs and maximize budgets. What is even more of a plus is that they are similar to buying or leasing a car. The price depends on its features and maintenance costs are minimal when included with a subscription. Security robots today can work alone including charging themselves which allows for round the clock operation. They can do the boring stuff while allowing security personnel to concentrate on more important things. The main benefits of having robotic security, increased remote video monitoring, they can support facility management, they promote COVID 19 prevention and policy, and most important keep personnel safe. Do robots stop crime? There is increasing evidence that they do. There are many situations in which the incidence of crime was lowered when robot security was used.

Harris Security Product Corporation is a Subsidiary of Harris Security Consultant Inc 

Harris Security Product Corporation is going to Start Selling Security Robots in the Future.

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