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Harris Security Consultant Inc: the Future of Security

 The future of Security is something to thing about. How that covid-19 hit the world. I started to look at the future. For a year no Security Trade Show and no new Security Product for Security Company to sell out here. Is why I thing about the future of Security. Security will be here to help people feel safe. When the Covid-19 come to a end and the world is back. So will Security be here with all new Security items. I hope to see all in the Security field go back to work . In my city when i walk around the city i start to cry because it hurt me to see how all is business are close because of is virus. In my Future my city will come back to life and all the Security Trade Show come back and show off all the new Security Product from around the world. And some Blog may go down .Because some are going run out of thing to post. I am going to keep looking for more to post to my Blog. So please keep checking.

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Police Officer vs Security Officer

Security Officer    Police Officer                                                                                                         Here is something to think about why when a Police officer stop working in Law Enforcement. He are she go in to the Security Field. I think about is all the time a Security Officer can't become a Police Officer. He are She fail to go to the Police Training for eight weeks to become a Police Officer. You can become a Security Officer by taking a training class and pay for a Security Guard license and He are She is good to go. Here is a little footnote for you. Police Officer use to be Security guard in the 1800 was call Night watch man when more man was hide someone start calling the man security guard because the security guard was guarding the streets of my City. So am go back to now So when it come to being a Security officer are Police officer you see it like Security officer are rule by New York State Security Law no bite to it Police Office

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Shoplifting is big business and big Loss for Retail

For years i be saying that shoplifting is organized. Because of the items being lifting from the stores around the country. Shoplifting is big Business because people fail to see it. Because a good Shoplifter go right to the items that he are she is looking  pick-up and go out store and by the time Security see it  he are she is out the door the item is real for resell that fast.. The Professional Shoplifter and some come in to the store and the items are real for pick-up by member of gang to remove the items from the store. A Professional shoplifter said  if you boost you can sale to somebody on the net are on the street. I'm saying is going to keep going on in retail because no one think it a Professional group of Shoplifters. The Professional look at your store before going to see if the items is in the store that the people you look at see if are buying are looking. And if you going to hide a Security Guard he are she is good in loss Prevention that can help you .Because if you

Harris Security Consultant Inc: The author said Thank You.

 Hi it that time of the year to said goodbye 2020 and said hello to 2021. I hope you are looking to future and i hope covid-19 is over and all the Security Company are back in Business for 2021. As being author of Harris Security Consultant Inc Blog I am here to said  thank you to all the people that Read and Comments on the Blog. I hope you all come back in 2021 to see more on CCTV Security System Consultant Blog.

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Professional Installation Part 3

 I'm upset by how some of the Security Professional Installations are making installations look bad. Because some Installations are spy on people. When you hire a professional to work on your Home Security System you went to field safe. So before hire a Installation please check his are her back ground and please check the I.D. before opening the door.Someone inform me that Security Installation use IP address to spy on your home.When the job is done ask for all the paperwork and ask for the paperwork show your IP address and reset the CCTV Security System when the job is done is way no one can spy on you.I hope my post is helpful to you and your family and business.

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Security Systems for Trucks

Truck DVR Security System 4 Cameras /w Monitor System When i talk to people i was ask how i field about Security Cameras for trucks i said it sound good it time to look at all thing Security Cameras can do to help people.I started looking for a Security System for Trucks. So i find once i like because you can place fours Cameras around the Truck and the cameras work when the sun go down and it come with night-vision and Truck Security System can help Safeguard the truck when it on the road.