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Monday, December 28, 2020

Harris Security Consultant Inc: The author said Thank You.

 Hi it that time of the year to said goodbye 2020 and said hello to 2021. I hope you are looking to future and i hope covid-19 is over and all the Security Company are back in Business for 2021. As being author of Harris Security Consultant Inc Blog I am here to said  thank you to all the people that Read and Comments on the Blog. I hope you all come back in 2021 to see more on CCTV Security System Consultant Blog.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Professional Installation Part 3

 I'm upset by how some of the Security Professional Installations are making installations look bad. Because some Installations are spy on people. When you hire a professional to work on your Home Security System you went to field safe. So before hire a Installation please check his are her back ground and please check the I.D. before opening the door.Someone inform me that Security Installation use IP address to spy on your home.When the job is done ask for all the paperwork and ask for the paperwork show your IP address and reset the CCTV Security System when the job is done is way no one can spy on you.I hope my post is helpful to you and your family and business.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc:Happy Holiday 2019

The Company wants to take a minute to say thank you for reading the company blog. The company wishes you all the Best for the New Year. I hope you all come back and continue reading the company blog because it is all about helping you to feel safe all year around.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Professional Installation

Is cameras is in the right place 
Is cameras is place in a lobby
So here why you hide a Home Security Consulting to help you to place the right cameras in the right place for your Residential and Commercial Building. Because some Professional Installation just sell you cameras because that the right thinking to do a Professional Installation show up at a one of my client place to set-up a cameras. I ask why are you place in a outdoor camera in the lobby of is Building. Is cameras is use for the outside of the Building. No answer to my question a bad Professional Installation.How the client is waiting for a new indoor camera. Please hide a Home Security Consulting for your next job.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Old School Security

I was just thinking of the old days when I was a little kid in Brooklyn. I was thinking of the old woman sitting in the window watching the neighborhood people coming and goings.  She was like today's monitoring systems. She was in the window from morning and night watching over all the kids and homes. It funny how you think of the old days before security cameras. She watched the neighborhood. No one was robbed and homes were not burglarized. She was always in the window. She made the neighborhood safe for all the family's. How security cameras and monitoring systems watch the neighborhood. Because old woman in window is no longer around good-bye to a old friend. As being a home security consulting my company is all way looking for new way to help you old school or new school the company is here.

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