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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Harris Security Consultant Inc: Hotel Security part 4

Hello to all my read . Here is my up-date on hotel/motel security it be a long time from the last post. So security in the hotel are looking good at this time. Here is the bad news how that covid -19 hit my city some of the big name hotels and motels closer down .Because the city was closer down for one year is a good time for some hotel to look at new security system because some system are old and it a good time for new one. Thing about time to hide a security company to place body's in the lobby it make people happy to see security guard walking the building. I am hoping that hotel reopen so my city can come back to life. When a city closers for a years it bad. For some time i be posting about hotel security because i hope that when people come is was helpful. So when you go to a hotel/motel you be safe. To see more on Hotel Security check out the link on bottom of the page.

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